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      Our Fleet

      Our customer’s time is equally as important as low costs and we considered this when building our superior Minibus Guildford website. Minibus Hire Guildford offers one on-line location where planning your trip includes a fast process for completing your trip arrangement from start to finish. We include our fantastically cheap Minibuses in Guildford rates afforded every vehicle of our fleet. Regardless the choice made, clients receive luxury without the expensive rates and anxiety commonly associated with personal vehicular travel modes.

      Our Minibus Company Guildford includes an expansive fleet for accommodating every group capacity and occasion. Our cheap Guildford Minibus Hire line includes 8-10, 10-12, 12-14, 15-16 and 17-18 passengers seating for every need. We handle many passengers while leaving additional legroom affording perfect transportation for your Stag and Hen Party, Anniversary Dinner, Birthday celebration or day trip to the races. Our Mini Coach Hire Guildford models comfortably hold 24 guests creating a pleasant and safe journey for Prom attendees. Our stunningly large Coach Hire models seat 36, 49 and 72 riders. Your School Trip to the big Sport Event as well as optimal employee transport for Business Events and meetings receive interior splendour. Having the added advantage of affordable budgeted rates allows a pleasant journey for many friends, family or business partners.

      Hospitality has always infused throughout every level of our service. We have acquired a genuine understanding for what our customers anticipate during a journey and diligently work toward reaching this goal. We include many features clients may select for further on-board traveling enhancement. We offer entertainment consoles of CD and DVD players with complimenting surround sound as well as sliding moon roof capabilities. The guests of your group also enjoy the choices of cloth or leather seating and experience added pleasure when reclining in complete riding comfort. Passengers travel in temperature-controlled environments and each seat houses 3-point seat belt harnesses.

      Customer convenience is at the heart of our service and we aim toward accommodating every group. Many parties prefer a driver from their group handle the driving duties. We understand the need for ultimate road freedom and privacy and offer a customized Self-Drive package. Requirements for receiving this particular program afford the selected drivers legal identification and driving ability. Having supplied these means, your party may begin the glorious journey. Added selections for navigating through unfamiliar territory include advanced satellite systems. Additionally, our GPS Tracking option affords detailed directions for the destination your group desires.

      Superior customer care separates us from the competition and we conduct ourselves with integrity, sincere care and our ability for connecting with our passengers. We make a huge difference in our line of business and offer a traveling voyage unique in sophistication, class and price. Our fleet models infuse sleek designed vehicles with amazingly spacious interiors. Each model includes convenient luggage space for customer baggage and every chauffeur handles the loading for you.

      Booking a Minibus Hire Guildford vehicle provides trust, ease of care and ultimate travel unwinding.